St Dominic’s Centre takes pride in their students wearing the school uniform in a proud and tidy manner which represents the school to the highest standard. Wearing the correct uniform well is one of the four cornerstones of the school. Minimum expected standards of grooming and uniform are set for students’ safety, the enhancement of their appearance and the avoidance of excessive display.

As a parent, you can assist in this by ensuring that your child has all the required uniform pieces, ensuring that boys have shirts with room to allow for the comfortable buttoning of top buttons and by replacing lost uniform items as needed.

Uniforms are available for order once per term, all orders are to be submitted to the office by week 6.

To book a fitting or place an order please contact the school office, alternately order forms are located on our Skoolbag App.

The 2018 uniform price list:

Boys Uniform

Delux White Shirt Short Sleeve $30.95 - $36.95
Delux White Shirt Long $36.95 - $42.95
Black Blocker Shorts $22.20 - $28.20
Black Blocker Pants $32.20- $37.20
Senior Boys Tie $19.99
Junior Boys Tie $18.99

Girls Uniform

Tartan Skirt $59.99
Blouse Black Piping Short Sleeve $40.95
Senior Girls Tie $7.99

All Students - Sport

Black Microfiber Shorts $29.20 - $31.20
Black Botany Bay Pants $34.20 - $37.20
Black & White Polo $42.19 - $44.19
Black Botany Bay Jacket $52.95 - $56.95

All Students - General

V Neck Sloppy Joe

$32.95 $35.95

Black Bucket Hat $18.95

*Please note: prices may change without notice

Student in UniformBoy summer UniformBoys winter uniformSports uniform_preview