St Dominic's is a vibrant and contemporary setting because of the specialist and committed staff we have. From our teaching staff through to our support staff, each person has chosen to be at St Dominic's to work together to improve outcomes for all students.

Staff members work closely with families, therapists and partner school staff to set and achieve individual goals for each student. St Dominic's also has a speech pathologist, occupational therapist and psychologist on staff and works closely with other specialists in a coordinated approach to achieve goals for each student.

A list of staff contacts can be found below:



Veronica McLoughlin
Primary Coordinator

Vicki Gould (Acting)

Secondary Coordinator

Katie Philpott (Acting)

Teacher Librarian

Carina Bisby

Secondary Teacher

Alana Daley

Primary Teacher

Aidan Bourke

Secondary Teacher Nicole Mathews
Primary Teacher

Margaret Myers

Secondary Teacher

Simon Watt

School Officer (clerical)

Rachelle McKenzie

School Officer (clerical) Amanda Sexton
School Officer (student support) Caroline Garvie
Speech therapist

Emerald Griffith

Psychologist Stacey Mortimer
Occupational Therapist

Paula Hartigan

School Officer (Library) Christine Moore
School Officer (student support)

Debra Morgan

School Officer (student support) Brian McKinney
School Officer (student support)

Lisa Turner

Grounds person TBC
Pastoral Care Worker Maree Holmgreen