Our Vision & Mission

St Dominic's Centre is registered as a Catholic special school for Kindergarten to Year 10. At the centre of our work is the dignity of each individual in whom we see the image of Jesus. Our educational philosophy is to provide a holistic education for each student that enables them to lead a fulfilling life in a post-school world.

As a Catholic special school, the community of St Dominic's strives to recognise the uniqueness, dignity and abilities of each student. We are challenged to respond by delivering a curriculum which is holistic and authentic. Learning and life experience are linked, preparing each student to live life to the fullest in the context of a shared Catholic understanding of integrity, independence, courage and creativity.

Mission Statement

At St Dominic's Centre, we recognise and respect individuality.

In partnership with families we encourage excellence and innovation in education and nurture creativity and achievement.

We educate, celebrate and inspire together in truth.